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Energoservice is an effective tool to increase profits, which many companies do not pay enough attention.

Energoservice also is a financial instrument that affects the capitalization of companies and must be managed in accordance with the principles of management financial products.

An energy audit is the interrelated set of technical, organizational, economic and other measures aimed at identifying the potential for cost effective optimization of energy consumption.

Energy service contract is a special form of contract aimed at saving operational costs by increasing energy efficiency and introducing technologies for energy conservation. A distinctive feature of the energy service contract is a form of mutual settlements:

− from the consumer energy source and doesn’t require “investment”;

− part of the risk of achieving the savings required assumes energy service company with the necessary competencies and expertise;

− costs of the project reimbursed by the achieved savings obtained after implementation of energy saving technologies.

Thus, for the Customer there is no need for initial expenditure of their own funds. The investment required for the implementation of the project, the involved energy service company.

The process of energy conservation is a critical component in the development of enterprise and increase of its competitiveness, in this regard, planning energy efficiency must be embedded in overall development policy.

is developing energy efficiency programs to implement practical measures to transfer the economy of enterprises, institutions on energy saving way of development and implementation of state policy in the field of energy saving. Their focus for the following tasks and questions:

the coverage of a specific object, for which the designed energy efficiency program, fuel and energy resources at the expense of their savings;
the issue of energy efficiency in the complex, not limited to one narrow direction;
commissioning and use of a specially developed energy-saving equipment, constructions and materials;
attraction of investments and creation of effective financing system for sustainable use of all available sources of funds;
the extension used to manage the energy efficiency for energy consuming organizations and at specific sites.
improvement of ecological situation in the region of the object, due to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

carries out projects of any complexity and of any scale “turnkey”, which includes the following steps:

1st stage – Audit of the investment potential of zakazik.

Objective: Omenka funding potential zakazshik.

The result: a decision on the conclusion of an energy service contract.

2nd stage – the attraction of investors.

Goal: Develop a schema of the funding mechanism.

The result: funding.

3rd phase-Implementation of energy efficiency measures and reduce energy costs. Installation and commissioning of equipment.

Purpose: Choice of energy supplier and/or equipment execution of works. Commissioning work.

The result: Savings on energy. Energy efficient and ready for use.

4-th stage of the Energy survey (audit).

Objective: to determine energy saving potential and energy efficiency targets zakazshik.

The result: development of a complex of energy saving measures with rssatom economic impact and payback period.

5th stage – Design work.

Goal: Development and coordination of the project to regulatory authorities.

Result: the Project with all documentation.

6th stage – the Final stage.

Objective: Development of instructions and providing consulting services to the technical staff of the customer.

The result: Commissioning of energy efficient equipment.

Each of these stages can be performed in the framework of projects “turnkey”, and separately. In our company all projects are relevant and interesting.

The specialists of the  have practical experience in the field of energy surveys, development and implementation of energy saving measures projects.

We have all the necessary professional competences in the field of expertise and development of programs of complex development of infrastructure of energy management of enterprises and building energy efficiency industries. One of the core competencies is the supply of energy resources (natural gas, electricity) at non-regulated prices on the best terms among independent suppliers.

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