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Automated system of accounting of oil products

Automated system of accounting of oil products

According to article 230 of the Tax code of Ukraine from 2017, it is obligatory introduction of automated systems of commercial accounting of petroleum products to excise warehouses, which include such enterprises as the tank farm.

Our proposed system of automated accounting of oil products allows not only to fulfill the above requirement of the tax code, but significantly increases the level of automation of accounting and control over movement of petroleum products, minimizes the human factor, will introduce a multi-stage control, rapid access and response to abnormal situations.

Functionally the system is divided into two hardware and software parts – motion control and commercial accounting of petroleum products in tanks and automated management of bulk petroleum products to consumers.

Both parts can work independently from each other, in the case of integration – the customer will receive additional benefits, because it can not only control the movement of petroleum products in tanks, but also automate the process of distribution of petroleum products through tank truck load-out risers.

Advantages of the system:

1 Centralized data collection. Data from all meters are collected in a single repository in a database that is installed on the server.

2 Automatic processing System round the clock collects and processes the data, removes the human factor.

3 Remote control Average and the current performance available to users for viewing via the Internet at any time of the day.

4 Instant messaging Server performs the function of notification in emergency situations

5 Low maintenance costs During normal operation will not require manual action on the part of staff.

6 Flexible configuration and expansion May add additional data acquisition devices with different parameters.

7 Archive data archive access data resources in the company with any

the granularity in seconds.

8 generating reports Generating reports in accordance with certain specified criteria and

the automatic referral to the responsible persons.

9 geographic information binding option of viewing the plan of the enterprise with applied equipment and counters in the place of installation

10 Operational accounting and commercial accounting the Ability to significantly automate the process of monitoring the movement of petroleum products and their release, integration with enterprise management system and accounting software.

Download the presentation of the Automated system of accounting of oil products