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Alternative Energy Solutions


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About the company

Introduction of energy saving technologies is a question of survival of each individual enterprise, its competitiveness and prospects.

LLC “Alternative Energy Solutions” is a fast – growing energy service company offering solutions in the field of energy saving and reduced energy costs.

Energoservice is an effective tool to increase profits, which many companies do not pay enough attention. Energoservis, also, is a financial instrument that affects the capitalization of companies and must be managed in accordance with the principles of management financial products.

On the background of annual growth of tariffs, reduction of energy consumption through more effective use is virtually the only tool for businesses of any size and forms of ownership.

Mission of the company

Developing and implementing progressive energy-saving solutions, we contribute to the growth of efficiency and competitiveness of our customers. Thereby contribute to the preservation of the environment, to the development and welfare of his state and people working together with us. His mission we see in the increase of efficiency of work of power equipment of industrial enterprises and municipal economy of cities, reducing the cost of fuel and energy resources and comprehensive solutions in the field of energy...

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The company’s goal

Increasing energy, economic and environmental performance of the businesses of our partners through: the introduction of new advanced and energy efficient technologies, equipment and materials; reduce energy costs for our customers and as a consequence improve their financial and economic performance indicators; create comfortable conditions for human activity, and thus increase their quality of life and employee productivity; the transition from traditional to alternative energy; promote the safety of the...

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Principles of operation

customer Focus – a flexible, individual, customer-oriented approach, because for us every customer is unique and interesting. Work is to exceed the expectations of our customers, is to provide the quality work that we can be proud of. Guarantee quality – because we value our reputation and relationships with partners. Reliability, stability and trust as the key to long-term partnership. the Client is paramount! In the forefront we put the customer and his needs, interests, expectations and business specifics. This means that we find...

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