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Alternative Energy Solutions


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Welcome to the website of group of companies “A-E-S”!

Welcome to the website of group of companies “A-E-S”!

the Role of energy in the economy is large enough so as any production process in all sectors of industry, agriculture, transport, all kinds of service population associated with energy use.

OOO “Alternative Energy Solutions” – is one of the leading and fastest growing energy service companies offering solutions in the field of energy saving and reduced energy costs.

currently, it is the energy efficiency of their production and consumption are the most important factor of steady development of the national economy and its competitiveness, determine the quality of life of people. And because of the strategic position of our company in this direction is the widespread introduction of promising scientific developments and solutions, innovative technologies, materials, equipment, and the promotion of a culture of rational energy consumption among the population.

Niche solutions – Your savings!

welcome to the page of our company on the world wide web! I hope You find the information the search for which prompted You to visit our website.


Director of the LLC “Aer”

Andrii bezverkhyi

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