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Alternative Energy Solutions


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Our Company has years of experience in effective repair, renovation and restoration of heat transfer equipment used in various industries.

Cleaning of heat exchangers produced by the exclusive facilities of our own development and production under TM “VIKKING”.

set allow you to clean any kind of deposits and dirt (carbonate deposits, “scale”, chemical, resinous, silty, etc.) without damaging the internal surface of the pipe.

we provide renovation and restoration of a fully clogged tube bundles of heat-exchange equipment.

Develop and manufacture equipment for cleaning based on the individual characteristics of each company.

Use of facilities



  • reduce heat loss equipment from 30% to 70 %;
  • the

  • to reduce energy consumption and related costs;
  • the

  • to improve the performance of heat transfer equipment;
  • the

  • to extend the useful life of the equipment;
  • the

  • to reduce the technological impact on the environment;
  • the

  • to reduce the cost of production, and thus increase the profit of the company.

our facilities to solve such sophisticated cleaning tasks which are not doable with other methods or equipment.