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Insulation “KRAFT”

Quickly and effectively achieve energy conservation You can help Universal thermal insulation system “KRAFT”.

The system of “KRAFT” is a liquid thermal insulation coating energy saving new generation, has excellent insulating and thermal properties, is applied on surfaces of any shape and of any composition that requires heat protection.

The cover of “KRAFT” has a high elasticity, the polymer-based material allows it to remain intact for many years (15-20 years) without any shrinkage.

The feature of the system “KRAFT” is a unique component coverage, which is based on specific areas of ceramic materials filled polymer compositions and air.

Main properties:

  • harmless to health;
  • durable, easily applied to surfaces of any complexity (conventional paint);
  • does not change the geometry of the structures, increases the size and weight;
  • allows to handle surfaces of any shapes, sizes, and configurations, even in hard to reach places;
  • protects walls from freezing, the metal from corrosion;
  •  prevents condensation;
  • it has antiseptic properties, preventing the formation of mould;
  • excellent coverage and adhesion to metal, plastics (except polyethylene), concrete, brick, etc.;
  • prevents the penetration of liquid moisture, but skips pairs (breathing);
  • non-flammable and does not support combustion;
  • resistant to UV rays, reflects and scatters the sun’s rays, keeping cool in hot weather;
  • does not lose its properties during prolonged heating and temperature changes;
  • is applied to the surface to ambient temperature between +5°C to +90°C;
  •  operating range temperature from -50°C to +200°C.


  • piping for steam, hot water, heating equipment boiler, various tanks, etc.;
  • the roofs of buildings, refrigerators, hangars, oil pipelines and oil tanks, etc.;
  • for heat insulation of external enclosing structures (walls) of residential, public and industrial buildings, as in capital construction and reconstruction in order to reduce heat losses.

Using our coating You will receive:

  • significant heat loss reduction (2-3 times);
  •  reduction of energy consumption;
  • protection of various surfaces from exposure to harmful materials and the environment;
  • the extension of the lifespan of buildings, structures, tanks, pipelines and equipment;
  • reducing the cost of purchasing energy resources;
  • reduction of technological impact on the environment.