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“Warm” loans warm and cherish purses

“Warm” loans warm and cherish purses

The city budget of Kharkiv will compensate a part of expenses of citizens on housing insulation

This year, thanks to financial injections from the city budget is much more attractive for Kharkiv will be the loans for energy conservation in buildings. As Deputy Director of the Department of Economics and communal property Kharkiv city Council Dmitry Garmash, it is the Treasury of the regional center provided 1.5 million, which will be directed on compensation to individuals interest rates on “warm” loans. Until 2020, the program of compensation of interest rates provided 7.5 million hryvnias.

According to Dmitry Garmash, was recently signed agreements on cooperation until 2020, with a UGB, the State savings Bank of Ukraine and the State export-import Bank on the compensation of Kharkov discount rate of the national Bank, which now stands at 14%. The same Treaty is to be signed and with PrivatBank.

“People can already apply to banks. Now the conditions for granting soft loans have become even more profitable. There is a state program of compensation of the loan, and we are ready to partially compensate the interest rate. The introduction of energy efficiency measures is the main task for the country and the city, given the current rates,” — said the head of the relevant Department.

Director of the Kharkiv regional Directorate Ukrgasbank JSB Alla Brewer spoke about the terms of compensation. To make “warm credit, it is only necessary to provide a passport, identification code, certificate of employment income for the last six months or the Declaration of a natural person-entrepreneur, certified fiscal services, as well as the document certifying the actual supply of goods or provision of services and their cost.

“Learn about the equipment and a list of materials that you can borrow, as well as information about the conditions of the state program on the website of the State Agency on energy efficiency and energy saving of Ukraine”, — said Alla Brewer. She explained in detail that when, for example, a new boiler will be installed, you need to provide to the banks a certificate of completion, and for a maximum of 60 days before the financial institution received compensation from the state and city.

Finally the advantages of such a system of payment credit convinced the head of sector of credit examination of a branch of the savings Bank Dmitry Jarusek: “If the boiler is 20 thousand UAH, in fact, people will pay 11 USD 700 due to the payment of the loan by the state and UAH 500 per cent in three years due to the help of the city.”

A prerequisite for receipt of the payment interest rates loan specialists called the only: person taking out a credit must be recorded (registered) in Kharkov, and can live in an apartment building, and the private sector.

In addition, the city has a program that provides partial payment of the loan volume 20% Jalaluddin cooperatives and associations of owners of multi-storey buildings the following energy saving measures: insulation of facades, repair of heating systems, installation of heat meters, replacement of Windows in plastic, and the like.