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Alternative Energy Solutions


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The Supply Of Electricity

We offer You our services as an independent alternative supplier of electricity at unregulated rates directly with the Wholesale electricity market of Ukraine (NKRE license No. 194751 series of AE from 11.04.2013.). The main contract with PAT”, Harkovoblenergo” remains in force only suspend its operation in part of the delivery of active energy for the duration of the Contract on the sale with TOV “TBFC “CREDO”.

Thus, You have a unique opportunity to become the owner immediately with 2 power suppliers and choose what You the best.

The advantages of working with us is obvious<script> and widely covered on public technical sites and forums, the official website of NERC, DP “Energorynok” on our website

You get:

– payment for the electricity supplied is 100% payment – in the current period according to the schedule:

– by the 30th of the month preceding the supply – 1/3 of the claimed amount;

– until the 9th month supply – 1/6 of the claimed amount;

up to 14 month supply – 1/6 of the claimed amount;

up to the 19th month supply – 1/6 of the claimed amount;

– up to 24 month supply – 1/6 of the claimed amount;

– final payment before 05th day of the next month.

– The amount of electricity can be promptly corrected within one month of delivery.

– The marginal value of power consumed when working with LLC “TBFC “CREDO” clock in the morning and evening peak is set to volume, according to customers request and permitted capacity.

– Supply of electricity without charging 2 times the size of the fines and penalties for exceeding limits on power and consumption volumes.

The discount for consumed electricity (from 5 to 30%), depending on the schedule and volume of consumption taking into account the equity monthly distribution of savings (50×50).

– transparent control over the financial result for the above discounted rates

– the possibility at any time go to pay for PAT”, Harkovoblenergo”.

If you are willing to cooperation, You should:

– to sign a contract with us for the sale of electricity

– sign up with PAT”, Harkovoblenergo” changes to the basic contract for the supply of electricity in part of the suspend-resume the supply of electricity

together with us to perform the procedure and certification AMR/LUZOD Your commercial account (requirement of DP “Energorynok”).